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Retiring Logan

I really love playing Logan with you guys in this game, but... I can't keep up with multiple games. As in two, yes. And I know some of you play in 5.2 million games and kick ass in all of them. Don't judge me!

So. Logan's mother has left his father and moved to New York, where Logan will join her. Upper East Side. Yes, setting Logan up for Gossip Girl crossovers I will never, ever have time to write.

Time/brain permitting, I would like to bring Logan back for guest shots once in a while. I will understand if someone wants to bring in a full-time Logan, though.

You are all awesome and I am going to miss Milieux!Logan!

Room 6, Carriage House, Tuesday Morning

When the sun rose Tuesday morning (and for quite a while after), Logan could be found in his own bed, curled up with Mary Campbell. Evidence of last night's fun was on the nightstand; a bottle of rum and a couple of empty glasses. Mary's blouse lay crumpled on the floor next to Logan's bed. She still wore her bra, however.

[For the roomie!]
Logan lead Mary back from the park and up to his room. "Bathroom's through there," he pointed, "water and beer's in the mini-fridge and the good stuff's under here." He flopped down on his bed, leaned over the edge and pulled a box out from underneath it. "What's your poison?"

Carriage House, Room 6, Saturday Morning

Like so many others in town this morning, Logan slept comfortably, sprawled on his bed, with no idea of what was to come.

OOC: Leaving Milieux

I am officially withdrawing Logan from Milieux. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to keep up with a real-time game. Logan has returned to Neptune to live with his mother now that his father is essentially in exile.

You can assume he'd keep in touch with friends. I'm also willing to do guest appearances (time permitting). Maybe at some point I'll be able to bring him back full-time.

Goodbye! I've enjoyed my time here.
The first thing Logan noticed when he woke up was that he was not in a bed. The second thing was that there was a trash can next to the chair he was sitting in. That was useful, since he needed to empty out the contents of his stomach before he could take anything else in about his surroundings.

A bottle of water sat on a small table next to him. Logan chugged down several gulps of it. Sam was passed out in a chair across from him (a trash can and bottle of water placed strategically nearby - yay for first class service.) Their mission came flooding back to him. "Shit!" He sat up abruptly and instantly regretted it. He groaned, held his head and kicked Sam. "Get up! We'll miss our flight!"
Having recovered from his recent drunken binge (and the accompanying hangover), Logan decided he wasn't going to wait any longer to confront Lilly. So he was pounding on her dorm room door.

[For Lilly, likely SP.]

Neptune, Ca - Sunday Afternoon

Air vents. That's what Lilly told him. She couldn't remember why they were important, but she kept dreaming about the air vents in her room, so he was here to check them out. Logan had no idea what he'd find, but if it'd help this Abel Koontz guy get the chair, he was in favor of it. Sam had flown out a few days ago to spend a little time in Neptune with Logan, so he came over to Duncan's as well.

Logan had kind of been avoiding Duncan since he'd come back to Neptune. He couldn't tell him that Lilly was back, but he couldn't lie to Duncan, either, not about something like this. Fortunately, their respective families kept them both busy enough that the avoidance wasn't obvious.

Logan knocked on the door.

OOC: Availability

I am NaNoWriMo-ing this month, so jackass09er and sonofthefallen will be a bit scarcer than usual. Feel free to grab me if you need one of my boys. I just won't be following the game as closely as usual until December.